Tennis Court Maintenance Services

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HarTru Cour Maintenance

  • Clay Tennis Court Resurfacing
    • Remove old line tapes (optional).
    • Remove old (dead) material from the playing surface.
    • Typically consists of applying 1.5-2 tons of Har-Tru Per tennis court.
    • Install a new set of line tapes (optional).
    • Drag courts and sweep lines.
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HydroCourt Maintenance

  • Clay Tennis Court Lifts
    • Plane existing surface using laser grading system.
    • Apply up to one inch of clay per court.
    • Install new set of line tape.
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Asphalt Tennis Court Maintenance

  • Asphalt Court Resurfacing
    • Clean & prepare court surface.
    • Patch cracks throughout the court.
    • Typically consists of applying one coat of acrylic resurfacer, and two coats of acrylic color.
    • Apply new lines on court.
    • Reinstall net posts and tennis/pickleball nets for play.