Asphalt Tennis Court Maintenance

General Asphalt Tennis Court Maintenance:

1.  Keep court free of surface debris such as leaves, sand, grass clippings, fertilizer and excess water.    The best way to do this is to use air blower, broom or squeegee.  The blower works the fastest.

2.  Never fill up power equipment on the tennis court.   Gas and oil can cause serious damage to both the acrylics surface and the asphalt base.

3.  Try to restrict the use of soft drinks, energy drinks and any glass containers of any kind.

4.  Use tennis shoes only.  Cross trainers and running shoes can cause damage as well as leave rubber skid marks on the court surface.

5.  Keep all trees and bushes ten feet away from the edge of the court.  Roots can cause serious damage to asphalt tennis courts.

6.  Do not let water stand on the court for extended periods of time.  Water puddles, if left alone, will lead to algae growth and cause staining and the ultimate cracking of the surface.  Rol-Dri’s or push brooms work well removing water.

7.  Try to trip any limbs that hang over the tennis court.  Sap and tree dropping will ultimately cause the surface to stain and wear prematurely.   Pine needles can be very slippery and this very dangerous for players.

8.  Make sure that the area outside of the court is lower in elevation than the court surface itself.  If the outside area is higher than the court surface that will dam up the water and cause staining of the surface.  Water damage is the #1 enemy of tennis courts.

9.  Rollerblading, skate boarding and bike riding, on an asphalt tennis court,  are not good idea.   We build Rollerblading rinks and the surface material on a rink is designed for roller blades.  Tennis courts surfaces do not hold up well under these conditions.

10.  Once a year spray the outside, one foot, perimeter of the tennis court with a weed/grass killer.  It is important to keep grass and grass roots from penetrating and growing into and under the tennis court.