48″ Aluminum Lute/Scarifier

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48″ Aluminum Lute/Scarifier


After the roller, drag broom and line sweeper this is probably the most important tool you can own with HarTru type tennis courts.  Perfect for removing leaves, pulling up excess material and patching low spots, the 48″ Aluminum Lute/Scarifier will be a “must have” part of your maintenance equipment.  Made of durable and light aluminum while the concave shape of the 48”-wide blade allows the tool to “float” along the surface without grabbing or digging in.  Available with built in hook you can hang the lute on your fence or store it in your maintenance building.  Either way, every Har-Tru court owner needs one.

48" Aluminum Lute/Scarifier 48" Aluminum Lute/Scarifier Ph e1590599684287 Whalen Tennis





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