CourtPac Roller

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CourtPac Roller


These CourtPac rollers are self propelled aluminum drum rollers. Easy to operate and easy to maintain, we believe you will find that Lee CourtPac rollers are the best designed, best engineered tennis court rollers on the market today. They are equipped with electric start 5.5hp durable Honda engine. Speed and direction are controlled with a hydraulic transmission that is smooth and responsive. The engine position allows the exhaust fumes to blow away from the driver. Lee CourtPac Rollers are easy to maintain – just add oil! There are no chains or sprockets, and the heavy-duty polyurethane scraper bars are quiet and will last years before replacement is needed. There is an emergency stop button, emergency break and a safety switch under the seat. Neutral safety switches prevent the roller from starting or jumping when in gear, making it the safest roller on the market today. The seat is large and cushioned and adjusts to position the driver for easy handling and maneuvering of the roller. It even has a cup holder. Comes with a 2 year warranty. Available in 2′ and 4′ widths.

This product can not be shipped UPS or Fedex.  It has to be shipped common carrier or freight line.  The quoted freight price reflects that.

Roller Covers are available for both the 24″ and 48″ CourtPac rollers.   Go HERE.



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