Har-Tru Surfacing Material

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Har-Tru Surfacing Material


Tennis court surfacing with binder. For use on Har-Tru courts with sprinkler systems. Har-Tru Surfacing Material is the #1 manufactured clay court product on the market.  Har-Tru is sold by the ton and comes in 80lb bags with the option of getting that product in an Easy-Lift 50lb bag as well. The 50lb bag option is intended for those of us not used to handling bags all day. Some insurance company requirements in certain areas will dictate using a 50lb bag. Both the 80lb and the 50lb bags are delivered on pallets and shrink wrapped for easy handling and weather protection.

Some companies will quote HarTru by the ton and then add the cost for the shrink wrap and pallet.   You HAVE to buy the HarTru on pallets and shrink wrapped so be careful when you compute the total cost of the material.

Priced by the ton.    25) 80lbs bags makes one ton.    40) 50lbs bags makes up one ton.

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