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Rally Master Backboards


Nothing is easier and more convenient to use than a hitting wall.  The Rally Master Backboards have an impeccable reputation for durability,  ball bounce consistency and quality.  The backboard comes in convenient 4′ wide by 10′ high panels which enable the user to build backboards ranging from 12′ wide to 32′ wide or  wider.

These backboards utilize your existing fencing as their support system so the customer must have a good understanding to the quality and strength of their fencing.  We strongly recommend, at a minimum that all fence posts be sch 40 steel with a minimum diameter of 2.5″.  3″ is better but the spacing is also important.  Typically a chain link fencing has a 10′ spacing between line posts so anything spaced wider than this is not a good structure for these hitting walls.

  • Rally Master panels are nearly an inch thick solid plastic; that means the rebound characteristics of the backboard will never change. 
  • The panels are U.V. Stabilized and the color is in the plastic.  The net line is routed into the backboard, meaning you will never have to paint or tape.
  • Rally Master Backboards can be used for Lacrosse and Soccer.  They are vandal resistant, and will never crack or chip.
  • The Rally Master backboards come with a 20 year warranty.  That’s double the warranty of their closest competitor.

The mounting hardware is galvanized steel, and unlike wood, it will never rot.

Backboards are green with a net line already conveniently painted onto the surface.

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